Top Tips for Buying the Right BJJ GI Online in Australia for You

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or BJJ as it’s often abbreviated, is a fun way to learn how to defend yourself, but it’s about much more than that. As a martial art, BJJ teaches discipline and respect, and it’s also an effective way to either stay or get in shape. While learning BJJ, you’ll strengthen your muscles, improve your flexibility, increase your stamina and give your heart health a boost. However, if you want to extract the maximum benefit from this martial art, you need to choose the right Gi, which is the name of the uniform worn by fighters and trainers.

When you’re starting, you may not need to pay too much attention to what you wear, provided your clothing provides ample flexibility. You’re unlikely to take part in tournaments or spa until you have a solid understanding of what it takes to master BJJ. Nevertheless, even beginners ought to wear an appropriate Gi, primarily because the garment is designed for the martial art but also because you may as well accustom yourself to the attire you’ll need to wear in the future.

At Raven Fightwear, we manufacture a wide selection of clothing for a broad range of martial arts, and BJJ is no exception. The Gi usually consists of a heavy cotton jacket, a belt – which often communicates your rank – and reinforced drawstring trousers. We sell the complete BJJ Gi so that you don’t need to purchase each garment separately, but that’s not the only reason why so many Australians turn to us for their fighting clothing and gear. They also select us for our almost limitless options, many of which we can customise. We sublimate all the intricate artwork on our clothes to ensure fading is never an issue, making our products high value.

Below, we offer some top pointers on how to choose the right attire for you, whether you’re a novice or a professional fighter.

Bear These Factors in Mind When Purchasing Your BJJ Gi Online

  • The Gi

As stated above, we sell ‘full uniform’ Gi outfits that come with everything you need to train, which makes choosing the right size Gi essential. Our garments range from sizes A0 to A6 (Adult) F0 to F6 (Female) and M000 to M4 (Junior), ensuring we have something suitable for everyone.

  • Selecting the right belt

Usually, the colour of your belt will depend on your level of ability. As you progress and become a more capable BJJ fighter, your trainer will award you a new belt. You should choose a belt that’s the same size as your Gi. Don’t worry about it being so seemingly long – that’s because you wrap it around your body twice.

  • Other accessories

If you’ve progressed beyond novice level and intend to practice your skills with other fighters, you should purchase some accessories for your BJJ Gi in Australia, primarily for your safety. These accessories include spats, rash guards, gum shields, groin guards and appropriate flip flops. Call us if you have any queries regarding the extras you’ll need for tournaments.

Purchase Your BJJ Gi Online Today

We’re one of the leading brands of martial arts clothing in Australia thanks to the durability of our products, fast turnaround times, customisation options and incredible artwork that remains intact wash after wash. Order your BJJ Gi online today or call us for more information.