Buy BJJ Gis and Other BJJ Clothes Online in Australia When You Shop with Raven Fightwear

If you’re serious about learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu, then you need the right clothing for the job. At Raven Fightwear, we stock an array of different jiu-jitsu and martial arts clothing items. Whether you’re looking to buy a BJJ gi or need a rashguard to protect your skin during martial arts practice sessions, Raven can help you find what you need.

Choosing the Right Clothes for Your Martial Arts Classes

Perhaps you have already enrolled in a martial arts course. Maybe you’re just thinking about enrolling and are trying to get a sense of the costs of participation. In either case, it’s helpful to know what type of clothing you need for Brazilian jiu-jitsu or other types of martial arts classes.

In Brazilian jiu-jitsu, the traditional garb is called a gi. A Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi is an adaptation of the uniform designs worn in Japanese martial arts. As with those uniforms, a gi typically includes three components: a cotton jacket, a pair of trousers and a belt that communicates rank based on colour. The most popular colours for a gi are black, white and blue, as these colours are the only ones you can wear in international competition. In a learning environment, there are no such rules, which means you can wear whatever gi colour you prefer.

If you’re looking for a place to buy a BJJ gi online, Raven can help you find the right style, look, price and fit for you. As you will see from exploring our website, we have a wide selection of gis, including the standard black, white and blue variations, as well as less common colours like grey. We sell complete gi outfits, as well as trousers by themselves. If you tear your trousers—or perhaps outgrow them—we offer an easy option for replacement.

Different martial arts schools handle things like uniform a bit differently, so it’s a good idea to ask your instructor what you’re expected to wear to each class. However, if you’re learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu—and especially if you’re learning with the hopes of one day competing—you can expect to need your own BJJ gi. Raven is the best spot to buy a BJJ gi in Australia.

Buy BJJ Clothes Online Today

Also, the BJJ gi, Raven also stocks a variety of other martial arts clothes. For instance, we carry a variety of rashguards and spats, which can be very useful to protect your skin during martial arts training. Sports like BJJ involve a lot of grappling with other athletes. The mats where we practice BJJ and other martial arts are sometimes breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi, which can lead to skin infections in athletes. Wearing spats and rashguards under your gi limits the surface area of your skin that is exposed, which will, in turn, protect you from infection.

In any case, next time you need to buy BJJ clothes online, you can trust Raven Fightwear to have everything you need. Contact us today if you have any questions.