Need a New Rashguard? Prepare to Practice with Ease: Buy a BJJ or MMA Rash Guard Online for Easy Shopping

"Comfortable" isn't exactly the first word anyone would ascribe to the activities we undertake in the pursuit of learning Brazilian jiu jitsu or honing skills in mixed martial arts. It's often the opposite, in fact: plenty of rigorous training for a few minutes of all-out combat as you and your opponent put those skills to the test. That doesn't mean comfort has no place in these sports. On the contrary, the gear you choose to wear, and your level of confidence and focus, aren't mutually exclusive. From protecting legs from a nasty bug you might pick up off the mat to keeping yourself safe from the burning friction you'll experience trying to gain control of a grapple, what you wear matters.

At Raven Fightwear, we acknowledge that truth and it's the reason why we set out to provide fighters and trainers everywhere with the gear they need to feel good, look excellent, and to train with confidence. If your old gear has worn out or you're looking to enjoy a better option the next time you buy an MMA rash guard, our catalogue can provide you with everything you need. We go one step further, with a range of customisation options to allow you to put your own spin on our high-test products. Before you buy your MMA rashguard online, though, stop to consider what you should look for to ensure your satisfaction.

What to Consider When You Want to Buy an MMA Rash Guard Online

First, take care to consider the material. Anyone who's ever spent a substantial amount of time training in a cotton gi knows that it can become hot, stuffy, and uncomfortable. When you buy an MMA rashguard, you can escape that feeling. Fabrics such as cotton, trap perspiration and do not allow the skin to "breathe." The clothing we create at Raven uses a polyester/spandex blend that is strong, lightweight, and most importantly, it exhibits wicking properties. In other words, it carries sweat away from your skin so that the air can evaporate it, cooling you.

Speaking of design, though, that's the second thing to look for while you shop. Buy a BJJ rash guard that lets you reflect your personality and your dedication. The designs we stock are perfect for men and women alike. Finally, ensure you can trust the item to last. Gear whose colours and designs fade after a few washes aren't a good investment. At Raven, we sublimate fabric dye directly into the clothing, locking in the design for the duration of the item's life. We're also happy to replace items for free within 180 days if they fail due to problems in manufacturing.

Raven Connects Fighters with the Right Gear

So maybe you won't be comfortable in the middle of training as you go to the mat for the fifteenth time that day — but before and after, you can feel good about how you look and comfortable in your rashguard. Start discovering new choices now, or contact us for more information before you buy.