Purchase Your Jiu Jitsu GI Online in Australia

When embarking on a Jiu Jitsu training program, you require specific clothing which is sometimes called a uniform. Raven Fightwear supplies high quality Jiu Jitsu Gis Online.

What Items Do I Require to Wear when Practicing Jiu Jitsu?

Generally, you would require rashgaurds, fight shorts, spats and belts and a Gi. All of these except the belts are worn under the Gi.

Wearing a rashgaurd reduces skin-to-skin and skin-to-mat contact, decreasing the chance of infection. In addition to offering protection against ringworm infection, spats, also known as tights or leggings, are excellent at aerating and removing sweat from the skin. Your opponents will not easily slip out of triangles, omoplatas, armbars and leglocks as it will be less slippery. Fight shorts also referred to as grapping shorts, are designed for flexibility during movement, and do not pull off easily. Belts are a mere functionality to keep your Gi jacket in place and are also used for offensive and defensive techniques. It is also used to show your stipes which indicate progress between belts.

Availability, Variety and Quality of Jiu Jitsu GI in Australia

You could purchase your items from many stores around Australia; however, if you are after a supplier that allows you more flexibility in personalising Gis, Ravens is the place to acquire your items.

The artwork is highly graphic and sublimated which ensures that they do not fade. You can add your logo, and, on some products, we can sublimate your logo too.

We offer a large selection of Jiu Jitsu Gis for men, women and children. Note that our range has a masculine design but are not necessarily gender-specific.

Raven is All About Service, Quality, Affordability and Satisfaction

When you purchase a Jiu Jitsu Gi Online from our store, we want you to have a simple problem-free experience. If you don’t, notify us, and we’ll address the issue.

After we inspect your order, we ship at once upon receipt of your payment. Because we like our Ozzie customers, all orders for OZ are shipped free. In honesty, we like all our customers. Therefore, orders to NZ and South East Asia over $150 are also shipped free. To the rest of the world, we only charge a $15 flat rate. Parcel tracking is included for all countries.

We only offer refunds to orders before shipment. In the case of changes relating to a change of mind or incorrect size, choice may be returned to us within 60days. We have a generous replacement policy with a six-month quality guarantee.

Ravens is a popular and trusted brand in the Jiu Jitsu world. We do not release any products to the public that we have not tested extensively. For our pre-approved customers, we have launched a wholesale site. We bring you style, quality and affordability promptly and efficiently.

Our Gis make a statement, so should you when you are on the mat. Go online and order your vibrant Gi now.