MMA Clothing in Australia Can Now Be Purchased Online

Mixed martial arts has become a mature sport, and many brands have added an MMA clothing line to their repertoire. Raven Fightwear has elected to develop their whole brand around fight wear.

Raven’s Range of Fight Wear

At Raven, we offer you a range of fight- and training-appropriate clothing. During many competitions, the only items allowed to be worn are gloves and shorts. The United Rules of MMA provide guidelines for the shorts worn by professionals and amateurs. This regulation has enabled manufacturers to design training and fight shorts which offer comfort, flexibility and range of motion. With our creative designs and styles, we add to the experience by spoiling you for choice of style and colour.

During training most MMA sportsmen, women and children wear rashgaurds and spats, also known as leggings or tights. Both these items are good at removing sweat from the skin and protecting against infections such as ringworm. Raven Rashguards and spats are manufactured to withstand the additional stress put on the seams and fabric during training and competitions.

Although we cater to men, women and children, our fight wear range of MMA Clothing in Australia is not gender-specific. You will enjoy our highly creative artwork and designs. We use sublimation printing which ensures a more durable print. Unlike silkscreen or inkjet printing where the ink is applied onto the top surface of the fabric, with sublimation printing, the ink fuses with the fabric. This method also allows for vibrant full-colour printing.

Raven has been in this industry for six years and brings you a superb yet simple online experience. If your experience is anything less, reach out, and we will correct any problems you may be experiencing. We have a full-size range that ranges from 2XS to 5XL and everything in between. You can personalise products and if approved, become one of our select customers who purchase from our MMA Clothing Online wholesale store.

Returns and Shipping Policies

We don’t ship any items without passing them through our gruelling QC processes. Consequently, you can be sure that the item you receive will be of outstanding quality. Should there be a reason for you to return any product, we offer a six-month exchange policy.

To add value to your experience, if you live in Australia, your shipping is free. For customers in South East Asia and NZ shipping is free for purchases over $150, and the rest of the world only pay a flat shipping rate of $15. Be aware that depending on your country you may pay import taxes.

Supplying our product to you is an honour which we value, and we show our appreciation with quick turnaround and shipping times. Taking part in any sport can become costly; we pride ourselves in supplying affordable fight wear, training clothing and apparel without compromising on quality.

Our level of service and the quality of the Raven brand sets us apart. Do something to set yourself apart and order your fight wear online today.